Non-Profit Human Milk Bank

The Salt Lake Mothers’ Milk Donation Center serves as a screening and collection site for the non-profit Mothers’ Milk Bank in Denver, Colorado. Local nursing mothers wishing to donate excess milk can visit the Center to volunteer as donors. Volunteer milk donors will complete a screening process similar to that for blood donors including a blood test. Accepted donors will collect and freeze their milk at home and then bring donations to the Center for shipping on dry ice to the Mothers’ Milk Bank in Denver.

At the milk bank, the donated milk is pooled and pasteurized before distribution by prescription to ill and premature infants throughout the region.

The Mothers’ Milk Bank in Denver is a member of the Human Milk Banking Association of North America, a non-profit organization of human milk banks dedicated to establishing and setting the standards for human milk banking.

The Salt Lake Mothers' Milk Donation Center is financially supported by the Herbert I. and Elsa B. Michael Foundation

Milk Bank FAQ (PDF) — In August 2006 the Utah Breastfeeding Coalition published this informative document to answer frequently asked questions about human milk banking.

Milk Bank Task Force — The Milk Bank Task Force is a group of individuals who are working to establish a non-profit human milk bank in the state of Utah.  If you are interested in contributing to this worthy effort, contact us at  Future meeting times and locations of the Task Force will be posted here.

Liquid White Gold — Nicole Bernshaw, our Human Milk Bank Task Force Coordinator, has written a milk bank newsletter. This issue (Volume 1 Issue 1) was published in August 2007.